Download BK-Gas app on iTunes

Download BK-Gas app on iTunes

BK-GAS has been supplying LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) since 1954. With over 600 sales points in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we have led the market for years. Our goal: affordable mobility for everyone.

LPG is a unique product. A petrol car equipped with an LPG system is not only less of a burden on the environment, but it also runs at significantly lower cost. From 12,000 km per year, LPG is more economical than running on petrol, and it is always more economical than running on diesel.

BK-GAS has been offering its customers an affordable and clean alternative to petrol and diesel for over 50 years. In addition, BK-GAS provides solutions that will make driving on LPG even more attractive. An example of this is ecoLPG.

With ecoLPG, BK-GAS makes it possible to drive without any compromise to the environment – at no cost to the driver.


BK-GAS, driven by cleaner solutions



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